Land's End Gives Us a Washable, Easy Care Line

Great news for those who like the Land's End style of clothing. They are introducing their "Commuter Collection" which will offer wrinkle resistant, machine washable clothing. Check out this article for more details.


Tips on how to Wash Clothes

I came across this nice article from Jewish Life Organized on how to best wash clothing. Some of the tips that you will find are:

* A common household seasoning to use on clothing that can take out stains - and isn't hazardous.
* Clothes wrinkled from setting around in the dryer too long? Find out how to 'dewrinkle' them without hauling out the ironing board.
* Washing machine not getting clothes as clean as you like? Use this common household product to get it washing clean again.

To read the entire article for more great tips, go to Jewish Life Organized.


Organic, Natural, and Washable

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania is home to at least 4 "eco boutiques" where you can find specialty clothing, including clothing made from bamboo and henp, as well as other products that are natural and organic.

  • Mooi; located at: 5932 Penn Circle South, East Liberty, PA

  • The E House Company; located at: 1511 E. Carson St., South Side of Pittsburg, PA

  • Equita Ice House Studios; located at: 100 43rd St., Lawrenceville, PA

  • Jonano; located at: 2852 Wexford Run Road, Marshall,

You can read an article detailing more on these shops here


Washable 3 piece Wardrober

Love the look of this outfit from Chadwicks! Very versatile and has a touch of spandex for a great fit. and, of course, machine washable. The 3 pieces include blazer, fly front pant, and back zip skirt (tank top NOT included). Sizes are available in Misses, Petite, Tall, and Women's. Item #: 2113-35943-1037. Color shown is Chili Pepper, also available in Boysenberry Stripe, Chestnut Stripe, Chestnut, Boysenberry, and Black


Bamboo Clothing

Another fabric, one that you may not be quite as familiar with but which is gaining in popularity, is bamboo. It too, like many natural, bio-renewable fabrics, is machine washable. Here is an excerpt from Swicofil AG Textile Services regarding the properties of bamboo.

The fashion world is constantly seeking and latching onto new materials. The
folk fashion craze spurred demand for natural, handmade-looking textiles that
exude warmth, while synthetic fabrics with a sleek look have also recently been
popular. One of the hot item is fabrics made from traditional Japanese
materials, such as bamboo and washi (handmade Japanese paper).

A spotlight grabber at the Tokyo Spring and Summer collection was a series of coats and pants made of fabric containing bamboo
fibers. Bamboo fiber clothes have actually
been showing up in department stores and women's boutiques. An exclusive
manufacturing process makes it possible to create a highly breathable, absorbent
fabric entirely from bamboo fiber. Clothes made of this fabric sell for around
the same price as ordinary clothes and have a
distinctive softness and cool, light texture.

An interesting information was recently obtained
from the market that 100% bamboo yarns show a great elasticity (nearly 20%) in the yarn. Even in woven fabrics a
remarkable elasticity can be obtained. Our supplier partner even thinks that in 100% bamboo fabrics there is no need of elasthanes.

Another positive point besides the already known ones is that bamboo fabrics need less dyestuffs than cotton, modal or viscose. It seems that the absorption of dyestuffs is remarkably better. Bamboo absorbs the dye stuffs faster and shows the colors better.

Bamboo is considered as a much superior fiber and playing in a category of its own. In softness it even beats Tencel.
Our supplier partner in Turkey has been successfully spinning a Ne 50/1 and they hope to go finer. Bambrotex is adding in May a further spinning line and is working on finer fibers. These will allow the spinners to reach Ne 60/1. At the moment this is still future music
The fabric is highly versatile; other garments, such as blouses and tank tops, are also available.

  • bathrobes and towels

  • footmats

  • mats

  • bed clothes

  • underwear

  • close-fitting

  • stockings

To read more on Bamboo Fiber, visit Swicofil AG Textile Services


Caring for Acrylics

Acrylic garments may be washed or drycleaned.

When machine washing, use warm water setting and add a fabric softener during the final rinse.

Machine dry at low temperatures. Remove from dryer as soon as garments are dry.

Wash delicate items by hand in warm water. Static electricity can be reduced by using a fabric softener in every third or fourth washing. Gently squeeze out water, smooth or shake out garment, and let dry on a non-rust hanger. Sweaters and circular knits should be dried flat.

If ironing is required use a moderately warm iron.
(for specific instructions refer to the garments sewn in label)

To view this article in it's original setting and to see more garment care tips, visit the website http://www.fabriclink.com/University/GenCare.cfm


Washable Evening Gowns

If the holidays leave you feeling that your only choice in designer clothing, formalwear, and fancy party dresses is dry clean only, then you'll be pleasantly surprised with this site that I stumbled across in my never ending search for easy care, washable clothing - just in time for New Year's!

Ronald Everett of Ronald Everett Design in Toronto,Ontario has produced some gorgeous, original creation evening gowns in fabrics that normally would be considered dry clean only; velvet, suede, and faux leather! Sizes range from small to extra-large/18+. You may want to use his contact form to get details if you require any special alterations/sizing before placing an order

These ARE high fashion items so they are priced accordingly, but not so expensive that they are unattainable like many haute couture type of designs. For those shopping from the US, you may want to do a search online for a currency converter so you can see what your approximate prices would be. (Canadian and US currency are very close, US pricing will give you a slightly lower price than what's quoted on his site in Canadian currency) I'm sure his staff won't mind giving you a final figure (with shipping and taxes) in US currency.

Be patient with the site, I seemed to have some problems navigating it but it was definitely worth hanging in there to see all of his offerings. I particularly enjoyed looking at the photos from his runway show.

While at his site, take a peek at his outerwear also, much of it is washable as well.

Here is a link to his EveningWear page

If anyone out there has ever purchased one of these creations, I would be excited to hear their opinions. Nonetheless, this definitely gives us women who want more easy care, environmentally friendly, oh, heck WASHABLE choices, hope for the future. Listen up, designers, we want a change - and good for you Ronald Everett, we applaud you!